Once a great warboss has his troops in place he must then bring the big guns. Imagine 90 grots/boyz getting pummeled by some filthy humie tech. Your Nobz leading up the charge with power klaws, only to eat dakka( Yes, too much Dakka can be dangerous ) the next turn. Now every Ork lives to die in battle, don’t get me wrong. But, in the boss’s experience it is much better to fight and keep the waagh going as long as he possibly can. I am talking about target priority and the gits favorite weapon of all time, the Mek gun. These buggers can mutilate tough units from afar, have decent chance of surviving, and have a good chance of being ignored.


The first thing to consider in a war game is strategy. Nothing says a mighty general more than artillery, or in your case, Mek guns. The way I see it two variations are the most effective. The trakktor kannon and the kustom mega kannon. Always field two or three. The trakktor kannon is less of a gamble with one guaranteed shot but the kmk is for the gamblers which has a chance to do four hits with dakka dakka. A majority of all these guns get decent AP values and shred through high armor saves like no tomorrow. With that said, Mek guns are a target priority game. Target high toughness and no invul models first. In other words, regardless of your choice, take the big units out and let your boys/grots do the rest of the work.

Da Boss at ork

EH’ Lives

Mek guns have decent reliability when it comes to survival, wiht 6 wounds and 5 toughness. All but Tau shooting will be wounding it on 5+, unless it is rockets or other heavy weapons. With that said, heavy weapons rarely go above a few shots and d6 damage a hit. So enemy weapons will likely not wound or only hit a few times allowing most guns to survive turn one. There are exceptions to this such as ridiculous heavy tank weaponry or flamers. Mek guns also don’t bracket so keep on shooting! If defense is your game bring a Kustom Force field to ensure it always gets it’s 5+ save. Sometimes you can eliminate flamers by simple unit placement or refusing to move the gun forward. Target anti vehicle units first. Destroy the anti-tank and let the boyz fight it out. It is a no brainier, support artillery always takes the squig.

Paint em’ Purple?

If your opponent is not familiar with the ways of the grot, it is likely they will make a critical mistake. When most see these little things have a grot krew they are ignored(atleast on the first turn). This is to their own demise, once you unload the dakka they will have no choice but to respond. Turn three the MEK guns may be gone but chances are they have served their purpose and have taken some heavy weapons with them!

All in all remember every army needs it’s heavy hitters and Mek guns are a solid choice. They can provide a good amount of target priority, can take a beating, and are often ignored because green snots aim them.

Boss’s Note: Yes mek guns are expensive. Convert cheaper alternatives. Cuz Ork.

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