A crucial piece: The Mek Guns

Once a great warboss has his troops in place he must then bring the big guns. Imagine 90 grots/boyz getting pummeled by some filthy humie tech. Your Nobz leading up the charge with power klaws, only to eat dakka( Yes, too much Dakka can be dangerous ) the next turn. Now every Ork lives to

squig ambush

Ways to be effective with 8th edition gretchin

Grots rock the 40k four-way Now that we have established the partner units for ya Boyz let’s discuss symbiosis of these wonderful lil’ guys knows as gretchin, assuming you decided to go this route… Grots is the bottom of the barrel the weakest green trash to ever walk the 40k universe. They barely put up

Choppa nob

40k Nobz on the leaderboard

Nobz and why yah boyz need dem Earlier we discussed the troops of the ork army, now we are moving from the foundation of a good WAAGH to the adhesive that holds it together. Nobz specifically go in hand with armies that use the good ole boyz taktik. All we have to do is break