Grots rock the 40k four-way

Now that we have established the partner units for ya Boyz let’s discuss symbiosis of these wonderful lil’ guys knows as gretchin, assuming you decided to go this route… Grots is the bottom of the barrel the weakest green trash to ever walk the 40k universe. They barely put up a fight against ummies and they run at the first sight of danger, even from their Ork brethren from fear of getting stomped. Grots is at the bottom of the food chain and they know their place. They are so pathetic, with a toughness of 2, and cost 3 points apiece. They are even tinier than ummies.. and you know what I love them! Fortunately, this strategy is a simple one and happens to be my favorite. Roughly four main reasons represent the superiority of these inferior green skids.

Eh, they die

Expendable units are arguably the most important advantage we, as Ork players have. We have a troop choice that costs a minimum of 30 points, and you guessed it that choice is grots. For a standard 1500 point game, a squad of ten gretchin is 2% of your points. Add a runtherd in to keep them in order and it’s only another 2% of your list! Fill your troop slots in your detachment with as little commitment as you can, with grots. Fielding grots leave plenty of room for the bigger and tougher Orks to deal the real damage. Gretchin will usually drop like flies and do tend to have an Achilles heel to flames but that’s still less fire focused your more important units and hey it’s 2%.

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What’s that green spot?

Grots really have a way of flying underneath the radar. No one is intimidated by these little dudes until their land raider is locked in combat with them. Small squads should be used for objectives towards the end of the game as they often forget about because they lack a punch in small numbers. Sometimes even large squads are ignored, who’s afraid of a goblin right? Capitalize on this especially if your oppentent is not familar with the green tide.

Dakka blasta

Grot blastas are some of the most accurate “Ork” guns in existence. In addition, Gretchin wields these little blasters as pistols. This means that during the shooting phase they can use them in melee for an extra punch. Now, these guns are not exactly high strength but they will hit significantly more than the larger counterparts, especially in large numbers. Over 20 models and you will hit on 3+ match this with a grot lash from a Runtherd and they can re-roll ones on top of that; not to mention Dakka Dakka still applies.

For the greenperor!!

We cannot forget about the cornerstone to this troop choice. The eighth edition introduced a strategem that exponentially made grots more expendable and necessary. The strategy only costs a command point and your little green dudes will then become green bullet shields; this is particularly useful with lootas or Flash gitz as you can keep them out of the fray and dakka everything in your path. A 30 man gretchin squad will protect any unit for at least a turn or two before something makes it through.

The more grots the better. They can be feilded without much of a cost, are easily ignored, are more accurate than boyz, and provide free wounds that soak up damage that you affect your more important units. Really, with no upgrades at all (other than a runtherd) , the weakness of these guys is pretty obvious they tend to drop like flies. Keep this in mind especially when it comes to flamers. Correct positioning of these green beauts can win your waagh faster than you can say “check-mate”.

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