Nobz and why yah boyz need dem

Earlier we discussed the troops of the ork army, now we are moving from the foundation of a good WAAGH to the adhesive that holds it together. Nobz specifically go in hand with armies that use the good ole boyz taktik. All we have to do is break sum heads when the boyz get rowdy. Though Mob rule is a great help with morale in 8th ed Nobz should always be taken for a number of reasons.


Da Wounds

The first is the fact they have two wounds (three with ammo runt!!) and are cheap as hell for an elite choice. At double the base cost of boyz, you practically get double survivability and then some. For example, most shooting only deals a wound apiece so the chances of surviving a round of shooting are increased as opposed to at least half of other factions counterparts(elite choices). When you consider the basis for all Ork units we rely more on wounds than we do armor in most scenarios, the majority of the orks have sucky armor and that’s okay because the majority of our guys want to be hit. Tha Nobz can take that hit and keep walki’n(WAAGH’N). Remember the armor saves rely more on chance but, an extra wound is always a definite. If you go the cheap route, don’t be afraid to have your nobz eat overwatch to capitalize on the number of attacks your boyz have. Even with multi-wound (roll) weapons, you have a better chance your nob will survive first hits.

Da Gubbinz

The customizabilty of our nobz are the top of the game. You anticipate high model count from enemies? No problem kombi scorcha. Dreadnought city? Soup up with power Klaws and kombi rokkits. Space marines? Bring dem ummies to your level with a Big choppa, tight on points then take a power stabba. Open topped or need more shots for overwatch? Take the cheap index Kustom shoota. Whatever problem you have, I can guarantee the right squad of nobz can solve it.

Da Strength

No matter which weapon you decide to outfit your squad with, nobz will always put a hu’rtin regardless. Sliding in with a base strength of 5 your nobz will be wounding infantry on 3+ and even most characters. Depending on the situation 4 attacks with choppas per nob is enough to clear the field, Give them a double choppa (for free!!!) and now you have 5 attacks all at str 5. So now you’ve effectively mirrored, if not, improved, your nobz number of attacks to points ratio with your boyz. Choppas, Choppas everywhere. Not strength 4 choppas, STRENGTH 5 choppas. Throw this blob of boyz and nobz in transports and somebody is in trouble, especially those puny purple skinned… ummie… guys.

So remember, no matter what anyone tries to tell you, nobz is worf it. Every warboss has a squad beside em so don’t count them out before giving them a try. The point cost, customization and extra strength are too good to pass up; all this said they are cheap so of course, they are about as expendable as boyz if running choppas. Also don’t forget to laugh in their face if they charge your nobz, UNLESS they are Wulfen.

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  1. Khorneeq


    Some good points written.
    I didn’t realize that Nobz can be as cheap as boyz and still have as much wounds.
    Very interesting read 🙂

    • Da Boss


      Thanks! Soon email subscription will be available as well for any new writings.I am a huge fan of “unorthodox” taktiks and love to share!

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