Da Boss

In my free time I enjoy tabletop games, a bit of D&D, a dash of programming, and, last but not least I WAAGH with the best of tha universe! I started playing with Orks a few years back and have loved them ever since. Though a majority of what I play is casual and fun, some of what I may mention could be just as effective professionally, I leave that to your digression my dear readers.
waagh skull

The Reason you’re here

Long, long ago a race known as the old ones created a fierce and unrelenting species, known as Orks. These green butchers later became known as the ORKS. They are most certainly one of the deadliest races known to man, especially when left unchecked. The 40K universe has many dangers but, none compare to the threat of another overwhelming WAAGH.

So.. the question is what is a WAAGH and how is it so effective? What could possibly be so terrifying as to threaten the existence of everything in a whole universe? Numbers. Green ones.

So now that you understand that.. let’s discuss the more important parts of this blog.. the Ork portion. Here I will be discussing ways to ensure effectiveness within your own WAAGH and a few experiences of my own. I will be maintaining these works with 8th edition and the current rules from FAQs to the best of my ability. This is also a great time to mention that grammar and spelling have little to no place here, so please respect da old ways if a post is at least readable. This page will connect you with tha great WAAGH collection and written pieces detailing where to go right when building a list. Most importantly, remember to WAAGH2DETH my friends.

I hope you aren’t wearing headphones

Below is some chicken soup for yah wierdboys and some GROTLY humor for you types that like watching Rokkits asplode on yer boyz.