Good evening yah gitz! I did not forget about yeh’s! Workn instead of waaghn is a mess. So today we’re going to talk about the one of the three paths that any good warboss would take to krump with the best of em. Da oiler, speed waagh, and da mob are some of the strongest strategies you can run along with your preferred troop choice. This will be a series to stay tuned!

Da Oiler

Everyone likes a good clunker and orks are no exception! This composition, as you would have guessed it, this strat consists mainly of Meks, Big meks, Killa kans, Deffdreads, and maybe even a few grot guns. Augments to the strategy can include bigger morkier or gorkier meks but I have choosen to exclude them because not everyone can afford them.

Some benefits to this list include:

  1. Hellish Dakka
  2. Character masacre
  3. Krumpin with a capital K
  4. Dread Waagh

No matter which way you shoot this one your dakka will rain hell on your enemies. Big shootas, rokkits, scorchas, shokk attack , and last but, definitely the greatest Kustom mega-blasta/sluggas. Every unit mentioned has a wide array of weapon profiles to select and load out with. Some would advise to never go full dakka, but why not? Big shootas are 3 shots a piece with a heavy str 5 and assault profile. They easily put holes in the infantry from 32″ away and let you continue the advance to get in closer with the rest of your weapons. Rokkits are high strength with decent range if you expect a lot of vehicular activity(looking at the puny ummies wit da tanks) it’s a wise decision to bring at least a few of them or let your grot guns hang back and bomb the green out of an opponent. Assault flamers, need I say more. The shokk attack gun can reach anywhere in the map, can wound anything with a max of six shots, I would suggest hunkering down and protecting him with grots. Take the dread waagh detachment and the relic shokk attack gun deals mortals wounds in addition to normal damage for each hit this in itself is amazing! With even the base sag, it’s only a matter of time before you get a decent hit or hits in that could ultimately turn the tide of the game. Generally this composition of units work well together. Give them a try with different loadouts and you’ll be surprised by the results. Next up speedy gitz!


  1. Slow as Malaysia
  2. Low model count
  3. Lots of choices

Da oiler composition tends to struggle with getting to the enemies side of the feild. I strongly recommend using the tellyporta pad strategem to get kans across the feild to stall for the rest of your metal. Kans and deff dreads are expensive which means as Orks you will significantly lower than numbers than you are accustomed to, unfortunately the only way to really combat it is a kustom force feild or auto hit flamers. Customization is a huge deal with MEK lists.. which can be hard to decide. Go with your gut and scream at your opponent till they give in. WAAGHH!!

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    I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Fantastic work!

    • Da Boss


      Hi Millo, I appreciate the praise!

      This is a custom theme I created. Are you looking to build a website?

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